YS Park PRO Spray Bottles - Spray in every direction possible thanks to a weighted ball (bell) at the end of the hose. Adjustable spray nozzle for mist or stream.  Sprays at ANY Angle Stylish and efficient, Y.S. Park Spray Bottles are far ahead from the rest. Made of durable vinyl chloride, a high impact resistant material. The #1 spray bottle in salons today, thanks to a tin weight at the end of its water tube, the spray bottle moves with the water allowing a full spray at any angle right to the very last drop. The Y.S. Park Spray bottle allows balance to hang from any flat surface making the bottle not only stylish and efficient but effortless and practical.

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LA Shear Beauty Distribution was started in 1997 by Michael Johles, a guitar player that quickly saw the analogy between high-end shears and musical instruments.

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