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Since 1997, LA Shear has been an authorized Distributor Of Hikari Shears in Los Angeles and Surrounding Cities. LA SHEAR will come to your salon and let you demo a pair of Hikari Shears before you buy!

Hikari Shears cannot be purchased online. If your 75 miles around Los Angeles, Call us to set up an appointment. 310-228-3188, Text 310-415-0742*

Be careful of Fake Hikari's Being sold online. Buy only from an authorized Hikari dealer!*

Started in 1968 . Hikari is known as one the Most Reputable Japanese Shear line in the beauty Industry today. Hikari Shears have some of the most Innovative shear designsHikari is the only scissor manufacturer founded and directed by a Champion Japanese hairdresser. Its the first-hand knowledge of the art of haircutting that truly sets Hikari apart from the rest.

Hikari Invents the Precision Convex EdgeAll Hikari Shears are hand made in Japan, featuring Precision Convex Blades and Vacuum Heat Tempered Alloys. The Precision Convex Edge, invented by Hikari, revolutionized the concept of cutting sharpness and accuracy.

Vacuum Heat Tempering ensures durability and long cutting life. The Hikari Precision Convex Edge combines a hand-buffed outer blade with a hollow ground (concave) inner blade. Both blades are polished by hand to razor sharpness. This edge has no serrations or conventional outer edge bevel or grinds, making Hikari scissors the most accurate inthe world.

Call LA SHEAR today at 310-228-3188 to schedule an appointment to demo a Hikari Shear today.

If your outside of our coverage area please Call Hikari at 800 Hikaris to find an authorized dealer.

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LA Shear Beauty Distribution was started in 1997 by Michael Johles, a guitar player that quickly saw the analogy between high-end shears and musical instruments.

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