Phantom Cosmos

Phantom Cosmos

(Offset, crane with wide area sculptured handle and EPS): The newest addition to the New Cosmos best series has a special sculptured handle shank. This shank is wider than other scissors in order to provide optimum support for your hand and fingers. It's also perfectly angled for stress free control and comfort. Contoured funnel shaped finger holes are a perfect fit for small to medium sized fingers. Available in 5.5" and 6.0".


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5.5" Phantom - Offset crane handle with tang and EPS.

Phantom Cosmos (Offset, Crane with wide area sculptured handle): Comfortable and stress free, the Phantom Cosmos has a new extra wide sculptured handle with inset permanent finger rest.

* Hikari Precision Convex Edge

* Hikari's proprietary blend of molybdenum, cobalt, and vanadium alloys (Hikari steel level 3)

* offset, crane handle

* extra wide, angled, sculptured handle shank (camel hump)

* Hikari five finger ergonomic positioning system

* cutaway, anatomic thumb hole

* funnel shaped finger holes wrap comfortably around your fingers

* 1 rylon glide in the pivot area provides super smooth cutting action and less wear

* inset sculptured permanent finger rest allows your pinky to rest in a natural position

* coin adjustable tension screw

* blade length (tip to pivot) = 2.0"

* overall length (tip to end of longest handle) = 5.5"

Note: Multiple finger ring sizes available to provide the perfect fit for your fingers.

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