Antidot Pro Scalp Protection by Scalfix - Now Available at!

NEW! Scalfix Antidot Pro - No. 1 Solution in the world! TO BUY THIS PRODUCT PLEASE VISIT: Antidot prevents any burning, itching, irritation or any discomfort while your color application is processing and can prevent these effects for up to 24 hours after the coloration.

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OUR HIKARI VIDEO SERIES! There is no doubt that my Distribution company LA SHEAR carries the Finest Shears in the Industry.
Hikari, Kasho & Kikui Shears have Legendary Reputations for quality, Integrity & performance!

So here is part 1 of my video series about these amazing Brands. Today we feature my Top Selling line – Hikari shears!

Here is the first video in our series!

Click to watch!

Intro to buying Hikari Shears!

Your in depth look at choosing a Hikari Shear! AN INTRODUCTION!

If you’re around the Los Angeles area and want to demo a pair of shears before you buy them please email me!
Or text me at 310-415-0742
I have also helped thousand of St...

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Greetings and Salutations,
If you’re in need of a New Shear or want to add to your collection Kasho is an Amazing Shear. I have worked with them for 19 years and have had a 100% Satisfaction rate!
They also have some amazing specials going on between now and the end of April! Check out this video!

Kasho Deal Specials for January through April!

We are authorized Kashordealers! For more info go to our website www.LASHEAR.COM Want to learn more? Subscribe to our channel! @LASHEARTV! Mike Johles, founder of Lashear and lists the AMAZING deals and specials Kasho shears are running now through April!

And make sure to check out our youtube channel @lasheart...

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Want to Try some yspark shark clips! Read our deal down below!!!


Y.S Park Pro Shark clips

TO BUY: Comment with your email address, and you'll receive a secure checkout link.

Price: $33.00.

BUY 12 get one free! $33.00 total. BUY FROM SPREESY RIGHT NOW! Just comment with your email address. Strong and sophisticated, Y.S. Park Hair Clips are made to satisfy all needs. They were engineered to be strong, efficient and are highly acclaimed by stylists everywhere.




Stylists in New York, Beverly Hills & London call these the “Best Clips in the world.”

Super Strong Stainless Steel Spring
Made of Anodized Aluminum
Finger Length
Curved to the contour of the head
Grip Holes secures the hold and pre...

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The quickest and easiest way to double your color clientele is to learn how to use Susan Henry’s Naturals organic based color line.

With the growing number of people seeking a healthier alternative to the conventional ammonia-based color, Naturals organic-based color gives you the advantage and a competitive edge!

All you need to do is ask your color clients to refer a friend who is pregnant, health conscious, suffering from hair loss or simply looking for an alternative. You never know! One referral may turn into 12 or more!

I know it is easier said then done! Especially when there are thousands of Hair Stylists who are very talented in your city.

So how do you separate yourself from the ...

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Separate yourself from the competition and gain a massive advantage by adding Susan Henry’s Naturals Organic Color to your pallet.

Susan has used Naturals Color exclusively at her salon for over 8 years; so you can have total confidence that the color will outperform your highest expectations! Naturals only has 6 colors that can be mixed into 32+ shades, which means you don’t have to break the bank investing in the line.

The hands-on class is only $25 and we have intro packages starting at $88.

Naturals Organic Color Is Look For Great Colorists! In one afternoon you can add ‘Organic Color Specialist’ to your resume!

Naturals offers effortless gray coverage, spectacular co...

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LA Shear Beauty Distribution was started in 1997 by Michael Johles, a guitar player that quickly saw the analogy between high-end shears and musical instruments.

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